Lindsay is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher completing the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training based in Anusara with Todd Norian and Ann Green.  She completed her first Yoga Teacher Training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts.  Lindsay integrates the principles of Anusara into her practice so you can improve your well-being and align with your strongest physical self.

Having received her BFA in Modern Dance Performance from University of the Arts, Lindsay has extensive knowledge on kinesiology, anatomy, and injury.  Through yoga and the application of therapeutic alignment, she is able to help heal the body, prevent injury, cultivate strength and flexibility. With these principles you create the optimal “blue print” for your body and as a result, you are able to excel at your practice of yoga, athletics and everyday living.

Lindsay aligns ancient and everyday philosophy with the physical body to reduce stress, strengthen the mind, and improve your overall well-being.   Through her love of yoga Lindsay creates an approachable, comfortable, and nurturing environment that welcomes all ages and ability levels.

Currently, Lindsay is pursuing her M.S.Ed. in Mental Health and Counseling at University of Pennsylvania.